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We are proud to announce the eighth issue of Civil Engineering Journal.

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8th Issue 2019 (PDF Version)


About Civil Engineering Journal (C.E.J)



Civil Engineering Journal is a multidisciplinary, an open-access, internationally double-blind peer -reviewed journal concerned with all aspects of civil engineering, which include but are not necessarily restricted to:

Building Materials and Structures, Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Constructions Technology, Constructions Management, Road and Bridge Engineering, Renovation of Buildings, Earthquake Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Highway Engineering, Hydraulic and Hydraulic Structures, Structural Engineering, Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Urban Engineering and Economy, Water Resources Engineering, Urban Drainage.


Civil Engineering Journal (C.E.J) aims to offer you the fastest possible speed of publication.

Civil Engineering Journal (C.E.J) is published monthly.


Focus and Scope

Building Materials and Structures

Coastal and Harbor Engineering

Constructions Technology

Constructions Economy and Management

Earthquake Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Renovation of Buildings

Geotechnical Engineering

Highway Engineering

Hydraulic and Hydraulic Structures

Road and Bridge Engineering

Structural Engineering

Surveying and Geo-Spatial Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Tunnel Engineering

Urban Engineering and Economy

Water Resources Engineering

Urban Drainage

Forensic engineering


A list of the top articles has published so far in 2018

Drought Scenario Analysis Using RiverWare: A Case Study in Urumqi River Basin, China

Shalamu Abudu, Zhuping Sheng, Hamed Zamani Sabzi, James Phillip King

Investigation of Performance of Soil-Cement Pile in Support of Foundation Systems for High-Rise Buildings

Dao Huu Do, Tuan A. Pham

Numerical Study of the Wake Flow of a Wind Turbine with Consideration of the Inflow Turbulence

Xiaoyu Luo, Qiuming Li, Shishu Xiong, Zhenqing Liu

Performance of Post-Fire Composite Prestressed Concrete Beam Topped with Reinforced Concrete Flange

Nibras Abbas Harbi, Amer F. Izzet

A Comparative Study between Pseudo-static and Dynamic Analyses on Rock Wedge Stability of an Arch Dam

Hasan Mostafaei, Morteza Sohrabi Gilani, Mohsen Ghaemian

Experimental Study of Silty Clay Plane Strain Tri-axial Test under RTC Path and Modified Cam-clay Model

Tao Cheng, Yi Zhang, Keqin Yan

Laser Drilling of Small Holes in Different Kinds of Concrete

Kaori Nagai, Stefan Beckemper, Reinhart Poprawe

Vol 5, No 9 (2019): September - In Progress

Research Articles


We are proud to announce you Civil Engineering Journal has been selected as a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Posted: 2017-01-13
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