Condition Survey for Evaluation of Pavement Condition Index of a Highway

Muhammad Saleem Zafar, Syed Naveed Raza Shah, Muhammad Jaffar Memon, Touqeer Ali Rind, Muhammad Afzal Soomro


Pavements are major means of highway infrastructure. Maintenance and rehabilitation of these pavements for the required serviceability is a routine problem faced by highway engineers and organizations. Improvement in road management system results in reduction of time and cost, the pavement condition survey plays a big role in the pavement management. The initial phase in setting up a pavement management system (PMS) is road network identification. A vital element of a PMS is the capacity to assess the present condition of a pavement network and anticipation of future condition. The pavement condition index (PCI) is a numerical index generally utilized for the assessment of the operational condition & structural reliability of pavements. Estimation of the PCI is dependent on the results of a visual inspection in which the type, severity, and quantity of distresses are distinguished. In this research, a pavement distress condition rating strategy was utilized to accomplish the goals of this study. The main targets of this research were to categorize the common types of distress that exist on “Lakhi Larkana National Highway (N-105)”, and to estimate the pavement condition index. Using these data, Average PCI for the highway section was calculated. PCI to assess the pavement performance, 10 out of 19 defects were recognized in the pavement, as stated by the PCI method. Results indicated that the common pavement distress types were depressions, polished aggregate, rutting, potholes, block cracking, and alligator cracking.


Pavement Management System (PMS); Visual Condition Survey; Corrected Deduct Values (CDV); Pavement Condition Index (PCI).


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DOI: 10.28991/cej-2019-03091338


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