Solving Innovative Problems of Thrust Vector Control Based on Euler's Scientific Legacy

Yuri A. Sazonov, Mikhail A. Mokhov, Inna V. Gryaznova, Victoria V. Voronova, Khoren A. Tumanyan, Egor I. Konyushkov


This study aims to develop an interdisciplinary approach to solving innovative thrust vector control problems. The methodology involves the development of a working hypothesis about the ejection process when using a controlled nozzle to deflect the thrust vector (velocity vector) in any direction within a complete geometric sphere. When developing the working hypothesis, a multilateral analysis of individual facts and scientific and technical information is performed using tools in the "big data" area, assessing opportunities to apply the "Foresight" methodology for predicting the development of fluidics. The authors propose new mathematical models to describe the thrust vector in the distribution of the mass flow rate of the fluid medium between flow channels. Patents for inventions support the novelty of scientific results that reveal new opportunities for more active development of fluidics as applied to simple and complex jet systems with low and extremely high energy density in flows. The proposed methodology rests on a modern computer base and is a logical continuation and development of well-known Euler’s works. The computer simulation of multiflow jet devices mainly focuses on power engineering, production, and processing of hydrocarbons. Some results of this research work, including patented design developments and calculation methods, also apply to developing robotics, unmanned vehicles, and programable jet systems. The authors attribute further development of the interdisciplinary approach for solving inventive problems to the use of different AI options.


Doi: 10.28991/CEJ-2023-09-11-017

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Fluid Dynamics; Interdisciplinary Research; Ejector; CFD; Nozzle Apparatus; Thrust Vector.


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DOI: 10.28991/CEJ-2023-09-11-017


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