A Comparative Study on Soil Stabilization Relevant to Transport Infrastructure using Bagasse Ash and Stone Dust and Cost Effectiveness

Sudip Basack, Ghritartha Goswami, Hadi Khabbaz, Moses Karakouzian, Parinita Baruah, Niky Kalita


Soft ground improvement to provide stable foundations for infrastructure is national priority for most countries. Weak soil may initiate instability to foundations reducing their lifespan, which necessitates the adoption of a suitable soil stabilization method. Amongst various soil stabilization techniques, using appropriate admixtures is quite popular. The present study aims to investigate the suitability of bagasse ash and stone dust as the admixtures for stabilizing soft clay, in terms of compaction and penetration characteristics. The studies were conducted by means of a series of laboratory experimentations with standard Proctor compaction and CBR tests. From the test results it was observed that adding bagasse ash and stone dust significantly upgraded the compaction and penetration properties, specifically the values of optimum moisture content, maximum dry density and CBR. Comparison of test results with available data on similar experiments conducted by other researchers were also performed. Lastly, a study on the cost effectiveness for transport embankment construction with the treated soils, based on local site conditions in the study area of Assam, India, was carried out. The results are analyzed and interpreted, and the relevant conclusions are drawn therefrom. The limitations and recommendations for future research are also included.


Doi: 10.28991/cej-2021-03091771

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Soil Stabilization; Admixtures; Stone Dust; Bagasse; California Bearing Ratio; Compaction.


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DOI: 10.28991/cej-2021-03091771


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