The Technology of Calculating the Optimal Modes of the Disk Heating (Ball)

Yury Alexandrovich Kostikov, Alexander Mikhailovich Romanenkov


The paper considers the problem of optimal control of the process of thermal conductivity of a homogeneous disk (ball). An optimization problem is posed for a one-dimensional parabolic type equation with a mixed-type boundary condition. The goal of the control is to bring the temperature distribution in the disk (ball) to a given distribution in a finite time. To solve this problem, an algorithm is proposed that is based on the gradient method. The object of the study is the optimal control problem for a parabolic boundary value problem. Using the discretization of the original continuous differential problem, difference equations are obtained for which a numerical solution algorithm is proposed. Difference approximation of a differential problem is performed using an implicit scheme, which allows to increase the speed of calculations and provides the specified accuracy of calculation for a smaller number of iterations. An approximate solution of a parabolic equation is constructed using the one-dimensional sweep method. Using differentiation of the functional, an expression for the gradient of the objective functional is obtained. In this paper, it was possible to reduce the multidimensional heat conduction problem to a one-dimensional one, due to the assumption that the desired solution is symmetric. A formula is obtained for calculating the variation of a quadratic functional that characterizes the deviation of the current temperature distribution from the given one. The flowcharts and implementations of the algorithm are presented in the form of Matlab scripts, which clearly demonstrate the process of thermal conductivity and show the computation and application of optimal control in dynamics.


Optimal Control; Parabolic Equation; Gradient Method; Software Complex for Calculating Optimal Modes.


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DOI: 10.28991/cej-2019-03091340


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